Stable rock

Today was the day that I realized something really important, not sure if everyone feels the same.

  1. Unless and until you are well fed, you would never be able to offer to food anyone else, be it an animal or a human being.
  2. You can only do charity when you are earning enough and have taken care off all the needs and wants, then when you have some spare you can give it away.
  3. I think this just hit me like a rock, you can never help anyone, unless and until you know how to help yourself.

“Make your base strong first”, were the advice given my grandparents and this was the day that I realized the true meaning of it. It means unless and until I am standing on a stable rock, I cannot extend my hand to offer any kind of help to anyone out there.

If you ask me, these are some good rules to start turning your life around!

Getting the finances ready…

Been looking through so many things that I was to buy, and not having enough cash, I have come up with some guidelines that to follow

  1. Stop browsing or looking for stuff that I already own, like, phone, a backpack or even as small as a pen,
  2. If something is working then its not broken and it does not make sense to replace it something new.
  3. Save up some money to spend on some good holidays, they don’t need to be exotic locations, it could be close to your town as well.
  4. If something can be repaired, try it before tossing it out and buying a new one.
  5. Remove redundant stuff.

This might be helpful to get started with some good money lying around for bigger things.

Growing up

When I was a kid, I had a thought process that told me, that, growing up and getting a job was a sure shot way to freedom. As I was observing all around all the adults, with their fancy adult toys… But, then I think I have been proven wrong time and again with so many smack in the face circumstances. As I can see now that I have grown up and I also have a job and I am an earning member of the family, but still there is a longing for the sought after freedom…

With every passing day I feel more chained, rather than feeling free. With every step that I think of taking further, in career with a new position, or with a better paying prospect, I always see the other side as well. This other side tells me that I am going to invest more time for the job at hand, rather than utilizing that time for my kid, my family or for my whatever thing that interests me… which feels really very ironic!

Even thinking a bit further, then I find myself in such a social situation, which is being from a middle class Indian family. getting more income becomes a priority for some reason. Thus, a thought process keeps telling me that, “You are doing this for the greater good, the good for your child.” And that is when I think its the right time to push oneself to hunt for more options that will give all the benefits you want plus will not take away the pernicious time that one could spend for themselves.. till them keep hunting!


One thing that I have understood, its that there are always going to be some sort of deviations for the plans that you had charted out. It could be anything small such as creating a presentation or even dusting out a few things in the room. You would face deviations for sure.

If we are expecting order, then it is a place where behaviors of the world matches our expectation and desires. It would be a place where things turn out to be the way we want them to. But order is sometimes tyranny and stratification. When demand for purity and certainty.

That is when its of utter importance to make the decisions that will support your progress of life, even if there are chances that deviations will occur!